A babysitting service that connects great nannies to busy parents who need flexible childcare
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Who we are
Spilt Milk Nannies is a network of small and locally owned babysitting services.
We connect families who have occasional and flexible childcare needs with highly qualified nannies.
The owner is a resource for parents and nannies and will always personally respond to your questions, concerns and needs.
We are not a full-time or part-time nanny placement agency or an on-call service.
How it works
Connect with the owner in your city. She'll make sure she can meet your childcare needs.
Sign up for an account and a quarterly subscription.
Book sitters instantly online either by the time/date needed or by the nanny. Pay nannies directly after your appointment.
Reach out to the owner if you have questions or other needs. With her professional childcare experience, she is a great resource.
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